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David Bowie - Newspaper Book

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Gift Details. For fans and admirers of the iconic rock legend, this incredible Personalised David Bowie Newspaper Book will make a truly compelling gift. Looking back through 45 years of David Bowie's groundbreaking music career and turbulent personal life, this collection of newspaper articles offers a unique insight into the world of Britain's most revered hero. Opening with an article from 1971 and ending with the extensive coverage of his untimely death on 10th January 2016, the book will make a gripping and fascinating read. There are also several quality pictorial sections. David Bowie's music was hugely influential throughout the 70s, however, it wasn't always his chart-topping success that caught the media's attention. At the beginning of this book, many of the articles are concerned with Bowie's eccentric dress sense, on-stage antics and sexual orientation. His relationship with first wife Angie and the birth of their son Zowie is also widely covered. During the late 70s, articles cover the 'elusive' thin white duke, his struggles with drug addiction and divorce. By the 80s, more positive coverage can be found as Bowie appears to be clean, healthy and happy. His acting career receives extensive coverage, as well as his appearance at Live Aid and his charitable work in his birth place - Brixton. During the 90s and 00s, you can read articles about his marriage to model Iman and his happy family life, a return to touring and the release of critically-acclaimed albums in the years leading up to his death, including Black Star which was released just two days before. The books closes with extensive coverage of his life and works, an incredible tribute to a pioneer who influenced so many. This stunning newspaper book is individually bound with a hardback black leather cover, complete with gold embossing. The book itself is presented inside a FREE luxury gift box. Specially produced to commemorate the life of David Bowie, it will mak