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Five Go On A Strategy Away Day: A Personalised Enid Blyton Book

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Gift Details . The Famous Five have embraced the 21st Century. No longer do they concern themselves with detective mysteries and sipping ginger beer. Enid Blyton’s much-loved characters have entered the adult world, in this Five Go On A Strategy Away Day: A Personalised Enid Blyton Book. Inside the Enid Blyton Five Go On A Strategy Away Day, the fab five embark on a corporate excursion set for disaster; plunged into blind man’s bluff, enjoying a bout of pig whispering and curbing their work anxieties with a relaxologist. Perfect for a friend or colleague, their Name appears on the front cover, and you can add a Message on the title page to give them a right giggle at tragic exercises “that simply prevent everyone from getting on with their real work.”. Opening a can of worms on issues which play a hefty part in the work place, anyone who’s experienced ‘team building’ will bask in this quirky parody. Teamed with nostalgic artwork from original Enid Blyton books by Eileen Soper, this edition is a charming present to make any employee snigger for a lifetime. Personalise this book with Any Name up to 12 characters and a loving Message on opening title page, of up to 40 characters over two lines. Please only add the recipient's Name in the Name box. 'For' will be printed as standard. This Five Go On A Strategy Away Day: A Personalised Enid Blyton Book measures 14. 8 x 21cm. Including original artwork by Eileen Soper, Quercus Editions Limited are the owner of all rights, copyrights and trademarks in the Enid Blyton character names and illustrations.