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The Illustrated London News Year Book

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Gift Details . The Illustrated London Newspaper was launched in 1842, capturing the vibrancy of London life. Illustrated by prominent artists and engravers, the newspaper established itself as the world’s first fully illustrated paper; it was a revolution in journalism – fit for the paper’s release during the Industrial era. As for the book itself, the covers in the edition are determined by any Year chosen between 1930 to 1988. The Illustrated London News was a weekly publication from 1930 up until 1971, where the paper then became a monthly edition. Therefore, any Year picked between 1930 to 1971 will receive 52 front pages from their selected year, plus 10 iconic front pages, whilst any Date selected from 1972 onwards will receive 12 front pages, plus 50 iconic front pages. Collected in this Illustrated London News Year Book are the most vivid pictorial newspaper covers released from the publication, hand bound in a special edition. The cover is embossed with the recipient’s Name and the Year you select for the book, whilst a Message is included on the opening title page. The book provides recipients with a glimpse into the enigmatic Victorian era and thereafter. Personalise the book with the recipient’s Name of up to 12 characters, which will be embossed in foil on the cover, along with the selected Year. For a beautiful finish to this gift, include a Message on the opening title page of up to 80 characters over 2 lines. The Illustrated London News Year Book is a collection of vivid pictorials, with dates available from 1930 to 1988. First released as a weekly newspaper up until 1930, in which the newspaper became a monthly edition. The edition is available in A4 premium hardback, produced under licence by Signature Gifts Ltd. Looking back on your life through newspapers makes a fascinating read. Why not take a look at the Birthday Newspaper Book, the This is Your Life Book or Your Life in Pictures?.