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?60s Music Greatest Hits Book

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’60s Music Greatest Hits Book - Gift Details . If you know a true flower child, they’ll be in for a nostalgic trip back in time with our History of Sixties Music Book. From the ethereal long hair of Yoko Ono to the slick back and sides of Elvis Presley, the swinging sixties embodied psychedelic rock, soul music and jazz fusion. The Music Trivia and Photography of the ’60s Book gives readers an iconic glimpse into a decade surrounded by technicolour change. The civil rights movement was emerging, inspiring rock legends like The Beatles and Bob Dylan to reflect the voices of their generation through music. The History of Music in the ’60s is a powerful medium to remember key moments in history, not to mention a melodic trip back in time to tantalise our musical taste buds. Featuring the recipient’s Name and a special Message, this personalised edition will allow fans to relive the greatest hits and bands of the ’60s time and time again. Personalise the cover of the book with the recipient’s Name of up to 22 characters over 1 line. Include a loving Message on the opening page of up to 30 characters over 5 lines. The ’60s Music Greatest Hits Book is available in A4 hardback. Your text will be printed exactly as you have entered it, so please double check spelling, punctuation and capitalisation. Accents and other symbols cannot be used unless stated. For a full list of artists, please see the Further Information tab.