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Personalised Book About You

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Gift Details. Our loved ones sometimes forget how special they are. Out of seven billion people in the world, they'll find out why they're one in a billion, with The Book About You. Using clever algorithms, our About You Books use the recipient's birth date to determine entirely unique facts about their life, revealing over 60 pages of facts they never knew about themselves before. It's mind-blowing! How often do we get to celebrate someone who means the world to us?. The book itself is embossed with the individual’s Name on the cover of the hardback and every other page weaves the individual’s Name into the hand-drawn illustrations. The title page even opens with a Message from yours truly. Why not tell them this entire book will show them how incredible they are to you?. Each page reveals something new; from the no. 1 album released the week they were born to box office hits of the same year. The individual will think of this keepsake as, ‘my life story book’, personalised entirely for me. With visually stimulating content, they'll discover all they've lived through and realise how special they are, with The Book of You. Personalise the book with the recipient’s Name of up to 22 characters over 1 line. The Name will be embossed on the cover and featured throughout the book. Choose any Birth Date. This will determine the book’s content and be embossed on the cover. Include a special Message of up to 80 characters over 2 lines, with 40 characters per line. This will appear on the opening title page. The books are updated in late December to include data for the current year, for example, if you choose a date for a person's birthday in March 2018, there will be some generic data on certain pages. The Book of You is available in A4 hardback and is presented in a free gift box. Your text will be printed exactly as you have entered it so check spelling, punctuation and capitalisation. Accents and other symbols cannot be printed unless otherw