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Framed Front Page

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Gift Details. What happened on your special day? Rekindle fond memories from a special occasion in the past or relive the news that happened on your birthday with a front page newspaper reprint. An ideal glimpse of how the world was, as reported in the press at the time, from the front page headlines available for all to see. Our front page reprints are produced on the highest grade, fine quality paper. Each newspaper, no matter the age, is replicated in the exact same condition as when the paper first went to print. The benefits of high grade paper are staggering; the reprint is identical to its original counterpart but invigorated with lasting readability, durability and nostalgia. Headlines are taken from the Daily Mirror as it provides the best insight into periods past, though broad journalistic content, photographs (which many other titles 40, 50 years ago lacked), advertisements etc. Established in 1903 and Britain’s best selling post war paper up to the 1970s. All reprints are accurately reproduced at full size and printed on high quality paper. Personalise the reprint by selecting a special Date. Please be advised, on older newspapers, the date is often printed to a smaller size than we are used to seeing in more recent newspapers. Please be aware headlines may not be suitable for all occasions and depend on the newspaper title and date selected. Some dates, for example, the sinking of the Titanic on 15th April 1912, could be unsuitable for a wedding. Please keep this in mind when selecting a front page. Alternatively, if you are looking for an unframed front page reprint, Click 'buy now'.