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Mirror Year Book

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Gift Details. Do you remember the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989? Or when the first paperback books were published in 1935?. Have you ever wanted to travel back into the past? To experience life-changing events as they occurred? Time-travel isn't possible just yet but you can reminisce history's greatest events with the mirror year book. Simply select any Day and Year, and you can create an entire recreation of a Daily Mirror newspaper from that date, together with other major news headlines from the same year. You can pick any Date in history, all the way back to 1900. From an important birthday, wedding date or anniversary, to humanity's first step onto the moon, or the most memorable royal weddings - history is in the palm of your hands. Reveal moments from the past through newspapers that are reproduced in the exact condition as when the paper was first released. As a result, you will receive an expertly bound softback book containing reports, adverts and columns offering you a unique window into the past. With its impressive size and premium aesthetic, the mirror year book will become a sensational keepsake for yourself or as a gift for anyone fascinated by history. Personalise the book by selecting any Date. Please Note: there is no option to personalise the cover of the book - view the entire range of fully personalised books here. The impressively large book is tabloid size and measures 38 x 31xm. Bound in a glossy softback cover, content is taken from the Daily Mirror, Britain’s bestselling post-war newspaper up to the 1970s. As well as broad journalistic content, photographs (which many other titles 40, 50 years ago lacked), advertisements etc are featured. Please Note: There will be occasions (very rarely) when a front page for your exact date isn't available. For example, no newspapers are printed on Christmas Day, Good Friday and during strikes, in which case a front page from the day after will be used. Your text will be made exactl