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Titanic Newspaper Book

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Gift Details. We?ve specially created a personalised newspaper book featuring scans of original newspaper articles written about the Titanic at the time; a fascinating gift for those with an interest in the Titanic. This newspaper book opens on April 11th 1912 to report on the launch of ?the largest ship in the world? ? Titanic. On leaving Southampton docks the previous day, Titanic came perilously close to a collision after the wake caused by the liner caused a steamer to break away from the quay and into Titanic?s path. An unfortunate start to what would become one of the deadliest peacetime maritime disasters in history, the book includes newspaper reports from the days immediately after the Titanic sank, as details began to emerge on the scale of the tragedy, including the number of people who had lost their life or were still missing, and the fortunate few rescued by the Carpathia. The aftermath of this tragedy is also documented including anxious friends and relatives seeking news of their loved ones, reports from Titanic memorial services and relief efforts to raise funds for those affected, plus news from the inevitable trade inquiry. It is a fascinating insight into the history and legacy of the Titanic disaster, a tragedy which, over 100 years after its sinking, still touches the hearts of many. Your Gift Personalised. The book opens with a front page montage surrounding your own personalised label containing the recipient?s Name and a Message. It can be further personalised by gold embossing the recipient?s Name on the front cover. General Information. This individually bound hardback book is approximately tabloid size, 38 x 31cm, and is presented in a choice of stylish covers. How our Newspaper Books are made. Each page is reproduced from fully licensed scans taken from the pages of original newspapers going back over 100 years. They are individually printed to order onto a high quality thicker paper to provide greater durability